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Inspiration Central: Find creative, budget-friendly ideas for any party or special event

Birthday Party Inspiration for Boys:

T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

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Clockwise from top right:
•We love this recipe for these awesome dinosaur footprint cookies! (via Kara's Party Ideas)

Pull out the old sandbox, hide some toy bones, and let the kids get to hunting with paintbrushes! This fossil finding game is a sure hit at the party. (via Sara's Perfect Party)

•These handmade cake toppers and bunting with candy rocks take a classic chocolate birthday cake to the next level. (Cake bunting by Catch My Party)

•Have a seamstress in the family? These spiked dino tails start as awesome chair decorations but with but then become a perfect costume and then favor for all your kid's best pals. Even come up with some fun games of tag centered these spiked tails. (Cake bunting by Catch My Party)

•Serve cookies or other fun dinosaur themed snacks on this brilliant platter. Not only is this a perfect and hilarious touch to your party, it couldn't be easier to craft yourself. (Cake bunting by Three Little Monkeys Studio)

•Spruce up plain tote bags with these fun, bright dinos. All you will need is a free afternoon with your a printer and fabric decal paper found at your local office store. (via Whimsical Printables).

•Our T-Rex Dinosaur Birthday Party Invitation is sure to get everyone excited for you little one's upcoming jurassic party.


Sports Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

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Clockwise from top right:
•We love this recipe for autographed baseball cupcakes from Family Fun Magazine; they're sure to be a home run with your crowd!

Use an old blackboard for menu items, a special birthday message, or some football plays. And, if you have time, make one like this one from Hungry's made of CHOCOLATE!

Pretend, Party & Play's take on a vintage baseball party makes every detail a an exciting treat. (Cake bunting by The Tomkat Studios.)

•Cupcakes with your birthday boy's favorite team colors like these from Boldly Yours are sure to score high. They also have more great snack ideas!

Make Merry Events' Football Whoopie Pies are perfect for a late summer or fall birthday party.

•Serve your sports fans just like an old concession stand would...with Coke and root beer in glass bottles (photograph by Kirsten Ellis via Santa Barbara Chic).

•Our "Sports" Birthday Party Invitation showcases your special sports fan and adds a vintage touch with its varsity type and antique sports equipment.


Tractor or Plaid Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

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Clockwise from top right:
•An inexpensive oversized wooden or cardboard letter from any craft store can be painted and distressed to create an adorable party decoration personalized just for the birthday boy (photograph via Hostess with the Mostess).

Give party favor plants that look -- and are! -- good enough to eat, like these fun mint and chocolate pudding "dirt" cups! Learn how to make them here.

• Wrapping clean, empty mason jars with happy yellow cloth strips and twine and hanging them from nearby tree branches creates beautiful decor in the daytime and stunning candle-holding lanterns at night (photograph via The Sweetest Occasion).

• Plain white cupcakes are transformed when topped with simple tractor cutouts attached to toothpicks.

•  We also love these cupcakes adorned with green sprinkles and adorable pinwheels (photograph via Project Wedding).

• Caramel apples are a unique and fun treat for a farm or tractor party (photograph via Hostess with the Mostess)!

• Snazz up that plastic silverware by wrapping it in colorful gingham or plaid hankerchiefs (photograph via Wild Ink Press).

• Tiny tractor toys make fun party favors. Tie a thank you note to the steering wheel and the toys are ready for play (photograph via Wild Ink Press)!

•  Haybales draped with colorful fabric make a perfect seating area or can even stack for a dessert or gift table (photograph via Wild Ink Press).

•  Our "Plaid" Birthday Party Invitation is perfect for a farm or tractor birthday party, picnic party, or even just for a spring-inspired boy's party. Send out these cute invitations, dress the birthday boy in his best pair of overalls, and be prepared for a rustic and casual good time.


Blue, Orange and Green Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
• Our "Candystripe" Birthday Party Invitation is a versitile and boyish invitation that can work for any party theme. With plenty of room for a large photo of the birthday boy and all of your party details, this invitation is a great springboard for all things blue, green and orange. This invitation can even be upgraded to a magnetic party invitation.

Fun and funky green cupcake holders dress up any tasty homemade dessert (photograph via Hostess with the Mostess).

* Simple details like coordinating your party plates and cups can make a big difference in the look of your party space (photograph via We Heart It).

• Inexpensive and SO fun for kids, helium-filled balloons in different colors can transform any room for a birthday party (photograph via Mornings on Main).

•  Cool tissue paper tassels are a more interesting and boyish alternative to paper flowers and fluffy pompoms (photograph via Anders•Ruff).

• Give your guests a variety of colorful veggies, fruits and dips to counteract all of those sweets. Inexpensive plastic trays in different colors make them even more fun to eat (photograph via Hostess with the Mostess).

• A colorful party hat is a fun accessory, especially when the birthday boy is still young (photograph via Bliss).

•  We absolutely love these Milky Way the super easy tutorial to make your own here.


Pirate Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
•Set up some fun pirate games in the yard, like this simple bucket, plank and rope turned Walk the Plank by

Painted on mustaches, eye patches, beards and bandanas make the party exponentially more fun for your little pirate guests (photograph by Tili & THEW Photography). Temporary tattoos are great too!

•Serve up some "pirate ale" root beer, punch or iced tea in a big glass jug (via Hostess with the Mostess).

•Make your own pirate ship cake (it's easier than it looks!) with this great tutorial by bakedbree. We love the "cannon" candles on the sides!

•Send your guests on a treasure hunt in a baby pool filled with sand. Give them a list of treasures to find, like bead necklaces, gold coins, nickels and dimes, and anything else your imagination can dream up (via!

•A piratey backdrop made with layers of old fabric and frayed rope set the scene perfectly (via the Fickle Pickle).

•Our "Treasure Hunt" bithday party invitation get your invited guests right in the mood with a piratey photo and lets them know what's in store with an "X" marks the spot! Our magnetic party invitation even lets partygoers keep their treasure map on the fridge until it's time to sail the party seas!


Outer Space Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
•We adore these simple, yet SO fun cupcakes with sparkly stars from Hostess with the Mostest. They look super easy to make too!

Jones Sodas come in all kinds of bright colors and fruity flavors, so it's easy to color coordinate your drinks with your birthday party! Kids love 'em, too.

•Bright colored pompoms look like planets hanging from the ceiling. (Well, sort of. Did we mention that they're super fun and come in lots of colors from Prost to the Host?)

•Some brightly colored rock candy and Pop Rocks work great with the outer space theme photograph by Delightful Deets)!

•Let your party guests decorate their table space with metallic crayons, markers, or stickers on a dark blue "galaxy" background (photograph by Pink Peppermint Blogger).

•Glow jars are a huge hit right now...what could be a better use for them than an outer space birthday party? Learn how to make them with this Intimate Weddings tutorial.

•We love this homemade jet pack for the birthday boy! Feeling adventurous? Make jet packs for all your party goers! Warning: Once the packs are on, blast-off is inevitable! Make your own jet pack with this great tutorial by Sewing in No Man's Land.

•Our "Rocket Ship" party invitation let's your birthday boy's personality shine and is a ball of fun for whoever receives it! This personalized birthday invitation let's the birthday boy play the part of astronaut, and invites all of your guests to join the blast off!


Army Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
• Have a little birthday boot camp with old tires (or, for simplicity's sake, hula hoops placed on the ground) and other obstacle course inspired games (via Under the Sycamore).

• Greet your guests (and their moms) with an adorable wreath like this one made from burlap (via Diary of a Wannabe Domestic Diva).

• Small plastic "canteens' make fun party favors, and are a great way to fuel up your recruits (via Stephanie J Designs).

• We love these "boot camp" ideas fromUnder the Sycamore.

• For a snack that's all boy, set up a trail mix bar with a variety of sweet and salty options for the kids to create their own mix (via Socially Circled).

• Crushed graham cracker creates a sandy backdrop for a tank cake (via Catch My

• Cracker Jacks! Need we say more? (Photograph by Vicki Lynn)

• Our "Army" birthday party invitation is perfect for a little tot or an older birthday boy. It's simple camoflage and stars design makes it easy to decorate around, and it shows all of your invited guests your honored soldier's photo! Make it a magnetic party invitation to be sure that all of your recruits keep your call to duty right on the fridge.


Rockstar Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
• Colorful candy is a sweet way to reinforce your birthday party's color scheme.
(via Hostess with the Mostess)

• Print your own colorful wrist bands for every party VIP. Like a name tag, only SO much cooler! (Chandelier Events and Two Plus Us)

• A somewhat unexpected birthday party treat, donuts make a great boy's snack and come in almost boundless flavors. (via Mirabelle Creations and Amy Atlas)

• We absolutely love this birthday craft idea from Spaceships and Laser Beams..."Mod Your Own Guitar!"

• What's more rockin' than a rock candy cake?? (via Maddycakes Muse)

• Make sparks fly with sparklers on the birthday boy's cake instead of candles. (photo via Masterpiece Weddings)

• We love these oh-so-fun cupcake microphones from, made with ice cream cones and brown sprinkles.

• A great way to get the joint jumping is with karaoke time, a dance off, or an air guitar contest! Get your guests excited with plenty of upbeat music and some fun dancing props like scarves or tamborines. (via

• Our "Rockin Party" invitation is a blast of energy and excitement to get your party goers pumped up! Make it a magnetic party invitation to keep your party reminder right on the fridge.


Dinosaur Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from

Clockwise from top right:
• These cute dinosaur birthday party invitations from are fun and whimsical, with lots of natural colors for a dino party. They come in Brontosaurus and Triceratops!

• We ADORE these sweet little dino socks by BillynMoo for the partygoers! (via Amy Atlas)

• Paper plates, clothespins and paint make for a fun dinosaur craft time. (from Sweet Little Birdy, via Amy Atlas)

• These simple yet fun dino skeleton cookies look so easy to accomplish! Just use a dinosaur-shaped cookie cutter and add some lines of white icing. (from QuaintlyGarcia)

• There's no easier and more affordable way to reinforce your party's color scheme than with colorful combinations of M&M's. (M&M's photo from Amy Atlas)

• Add to the prehistoric and archeological look with a large map behind the cake table, or some clever centerpieces made with leafy lettuce! (from See Kate Sew)

• A simple chocolate cake can be transformed with a plastic dino topper and some colorful candies. (photograph via One Charming Party)

• We love these dinosaur egg cupcakes! Just chocolate frosting and some speckled chocolate eggs. (via Chic & Cheap Nursery)

• Send your partygoers on an archeological dig for fun treasures like wrapped candies, dinosaur toys, and marbles. (via Hip Hip Hooray Blog)


Racecar Birthday Party

Personalized and Magnetic Birthday Party Invitations from
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Clockwise from top right:
• These fun and exciting Racecar Party Invitations from are perfect for a racing or car-themed birthday party.

• These adorable little race cars are perfect for favors or party games, and they're made out of toilet paper rolls! You can even allow older party guests to decorate their own! Find a link to the tutorial on Apartment Therapy.

• We think this in-yard racecar track is amazing. See how easy it is to create one here.

• What better time for a racing game than a racecar birthday party? Empty cardboard boxes make wonderful cars, and a few cones and obstacles complete the course! (via Alphamom)

• Make a big decorative statement with ant-sized effort by converting an old empty shoe box and some construction paper into a tabletop traffic light. (photograph via Jolly Mom)

• We love these "oil pan" drink dispensers. (via Juicy Bits)

• A simply decorated grassy cake is transformed with minimal effort by the placement of toy cars or monster trucks. (via The Celebration Shoppe)




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